Helping You Help Your Creative Business…

There are times when we get so busy that we don’t know which end is up!  It happens…..to the best of us….to all of us…. at one time or another, right? We are sprinting towards a deadline…we are knee deep in product development….we are growing at a break neck pace.  So how do you keep creating and take care of business at the same time?? Simple. You don’t.  Part of being a great business person is knowing when you don’t know it all and asking for help in those situations.  Even if you are one of the rare gems who does know a lot, it still important for you to keep learning and growing and pushing yourself to the next level.


Enter Angie Avard Turner Collective Creative.  I want to harness all of the creative, business and entrepreneurial experiences to offer my creative friends and contemporaries a source of information and knowledge that they can trust. Here at Angie Avard Turner Creative Collective you will find resources to fuel your business, your creativity, and your life.  We as entrepreneurs all deal with the same issues of knowing when to make certain decisions, when to hold off and wait, and yes, we ALL deal with juggling the balance of professional work and personal life.